Lisa Morrow is the Founder, President, and CEO of The LDM Group, LLC (formally LDM and Associates). Ms. Morrow created LDM in 2001, shortly after exiting Corporate America after many years of perseverance. Ms. Morrow is a seasoned Human Resources Executive and well-known, respected field expert, referred to as a “Trusted Advisor or Partner” within the business community. Ms. Morrow holds a Bachelor’s degree from Maryland University, with concentration in Business Management. Ms. Morrow’s expertise, knowledge and experience in C-level Business Operations coupled with the discipline of Human Resources Management has permitted pillar understanding of challenges confronted in the workplace and the importance of a rock-solid foundation.

Ms. Morrow’s 25 years of combined experience within Corporate America having held numerous positions; Vice President, Managing Director, Director, Manager and Subject Matter Expert in the Management Consulting industry, had prepared her for the successful launch of The LDM Group.

As Chief, accountable for the leadership of The LDM Group and commitment to its human assets, Ms. Morrow’s concentrate is of the pathway of Employees undertaking, Customer contentment, Mission, and Vision that are supported by corporate Principles to stimulate in the overall productivity of the company.

Ms. Morrow’s moto “Your Vision. Our People. Exceptional Results.” has resulted in Operational Excellence time and time again.