Federal/DoD Human Resources Support

The LDM Group, LLC enables the Government to make the best decision for its Office of Human Resources Management by providing a variety of professional, and administrative support services to manage, supervise and perform the functions requiring contractor personnel of varying expertise, experience, and education. The LDM Group provides only qualified, competent, and fully trained personnel with evidence of qualifications, such as professional certificates and or degrees.

LDM provide services within the following labor categories (CLINs):
  • Executive Resources (Interim)
  • Human Resources Assistant (SF50s and SF 52s)
  • Human Resources Specialists
  • Staffing and Recruitment Specialists (DEU)
  • Classification Specialists (Title 5 and 38, OF-8, OPM Guidelines, FLSA)
  • Retirement Benefits Specialists (FERS, CERS, TSP, Calculations)
  • Employee and Labor Relations Specialists
  • Training Specialists (Diversity, Inclusion, Development)
  • Human Resources Policy


  • Learning and Development (Diversity, Inclusion, Leadership)
  • Performance Management
  • Personnel Records Management
  • Position Management
  • Project and Program Management
  • Workforce Planning and Analytics
  • Work/Life Programs
  • HR Audit and Evaluation
  • Worker’s Compensation